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New From Encompass Group – The Comfort Care

New from Encompass GroupThe Comfort Care™ underpad comforts hospital and senior living residents by helping to protect their skin, greatly improving upon the clinical performance of its predecessor with 20% better moisture wicking and absorbency and only 1/3rd the amount of moisture retention on the surface next to the skin.

This ability to remove moisture from the surface away from the skin is retained after multiple patient voids, which cannot be said for one-void-only disposable incontinence pads. The three layers (top surface, middle soaker, and bottom barrier) are laminated together instead of stitched to reduce the amount of potential pressure points under the patient’s body and improve air permeability.

Sizes include standard 34” x 36” and 34” x 45” bariatric.

To learn more about The Comfort Care undercare go here 

Or contact an Encompass Group representative at; phone 800-284-4540