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Norchem’s UltraPure

Incorporated in 1989, Norchem is credited with pioneering the first cross-flow membrane filtration system for the industrial laundry market, according to the company. UltraPure™ is a chemical-free wastewater treatment and recycling technology that utilizes metal-oxide membrane elements with a wide center channel design, capable of filtering various types feed streams at high concentrations without plugging up.

UltraPure™ delivers crystal clear water through a cross flow filtration design that utilizes the submicron pores of UF or Nano membrane configurations, and rejects contaminants in wastewater that include but are not limited to emulsified oil & grease, suspended solids, BOD, COD, heavy metals, and BTEX.

UltraPure™ also recovers energy by maintaining the ΔT of water going through the system. Norchem manufactures this technology using highly durable, corrosion resistant stainless steel. Each system has a user-friendly, touch screen PC interface to display key metrics, such as conductivity, turbidity, temperature, flow, and pressure measurements. Each UltraPure™ system is configured to meet the needs of various applications. This highly versatile technology can be applied in a wide variety of industries to filter and/or recycle liquids, recover energy, get you in compliance, and most importantly decrease operational costs.

Some advantages include: a modular design for easy installation and expandability, fully automated operation allowing for minimal maintenance, reduction in water, sewer, and energy costs, bacteria free water, and up to 80% energy recovery. In order to support all of it’s customer’s needs, Norchem is a fully staffed shop with a team of wastewater professionals with backgrounds in electrical, mechanical, and chemical engineering.