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PCIPAD® Delivers “Like-New” Sleep Experience

Now more than ever, hotel guests expect a much higher standard of “clean” when choosing a hotel. PCIPAD® offers a solution to keep up with clients’ expectations. Nowhere is this scrutiny more aggressively applied than to the guest room. The guest room mattress is a significant investment and arguably has the greatest impact on the guest experience. The obvious conclusion – cleanliness inspires loyalty.

Tackling a growing problem: Nocturnal enuresis

Nocturnal enuresis, or bed-wetting, has increased steadily as obesity and diabetes rates have risen in the U.S. The National Association for Incontinence reports that more than 33 million Americans suffer from some kind of urinary incontinence. And, according to a study published by the National Institutes of Health and the American Urological Association, a survey of almost 20,000 men and women between 2001 and 2008 showed the prevalence of urinary incontinence increased from 49.5% to 53.4% in women and from 11.5% to 15.1% in men.

In addition to increasing incontinence events, some attributed to sleep aids combined with alcohol, incidents associated with pet-friendly rooms, children in leaky diapers, wet bathing suits and three-course meals served ala-bed-top are also a constant challenge.

All of these issues can be addressed simply and cost-effectively by hotels.

Keeping beds pristine with superior protection

UMF Corporation’s PCIPAD is the top mattress protector providing complete corner-to-corner protection and serving as the brand standard for leading hotel chains throughout the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean.

With a three-layer design for comfort, absorption and barrier against every type of fluid, the PCIPAD helps hotels offer every guest a “like new ” sleep experience every stay. PCIPAD benefits include

  • Improved guestroom hygiene and reduces odors
  • Protect and extend the mattress warranty
  • The ideal companion to mattress encasements
  • Avoid awkward and embarrassing customer service issues
  • Eliminate mattress cleaning, replacement and removal costs
  • Reduce the number of out-of-service rooms

The PCIPAD has been designed to be removed with little effort and laundered, delivering complete corner-to-corner mattress protection. PCIPAD’s are color-coded for size. It includes a soft, quilted, non-slip, multi-layered pad with a comfort layer, a soaker layer and a barrier layer (protects against all fluid types). It is laboratory-tested to ensure quality and durability, and is wash-tested exceeding 50 commercial wash cycles. It is the only pad that has no impact whatsoever on the sleep experience.

Proven cost savings

Hotels can save significant money by keeping mattresses in like-new condition, even when there are accidents.

Recently, a guest checked into a hotel owned by one of the world’s largest hotel operators. When the sheets were pulled back to check the mattress, the guest discovered urine stains. The guest filed a complaint with the hotel and a biohazard complaint with the corporate office. To compensate for the issues, the company awarded the guest 250,000 points – this cost the hotel $1,300, and the likelihood that the guest would not return and would relate the experience to family, friends and colleagues. And, of course, the hotel had to replace the mattress at a cost of more than $600.

Such an incident could have been prevented – and a leading brand’s reputation protected – for just a few pennies per day with PCIPAD from UMF Corporation.


For more information, visit the company’s website:  UMF Corporation