PowerSpin PLUS: The Extraction Performance Optimizer

GRAND PRAIRIE, TEXAS — Kannegiesser ETECH’s PowerSpin PLUS centrifugal extractor performs on a short two minute cycle with high moisture extraction at a maximum force of 800 G. The large inner drum with special perforations and an electrolytically polished surface is gentle on textiles. The complete base frame is constructed of stainless steel ensuring a hygienic environment. Both the rotating and the pivoting movements are carried out by frequency inverter controlled direct drives without v-belts. The batch is unloaded with no requirements for an integrated belt or a “pusher.”

Kannegiesser Power Spin

Over time, the PowerSpin PLUS will self-optimize and “learn” from the past to deliver a more stable process leading to a consistently higher output. The control system monitors all relevant parameters during each batch and adjusts the process as needed for fewer out of balance issues.

The PowerSpin PLUS integrates perfectly with Kannegiesser ETECH’s PowerTrans tunnel washer or can be connected seamlessly with any existing commercial batch washer.

For more information, visit the company’s web site:  Kannegiesser ETECH