PowerTrans & PowerSpin Combination for Mat Processing

GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas — Walk on mats in our industry have always been a staple, however laundries are challenged with the effective washing and extraction process. These mats are very heavy and there has been a need to reduce the manual labor of loading and unloading in a typical washer extractor. Kannegiesser ETECH has developed an effective alternative combination with the PowerTrans automated batch washer and the PowerSpin centrifugal extractor.

With the large drum volume and straight wall design, the PowerTrans tunnel washer creates the perfect washing environment for these large mats. The bottom transfer is ideal as it limits the danger of blockage even without the free wash liquor. The internal transfer chute with straight wall design (instead of a “screw” design) enables a high loading ratio and overload safety while also improving the overall wash quality. As a standard with the Kannegiesser ETECH tunnel washer, the ratio metric principle is programmable per item type, so the mats are able to have dosing to the actual size of the batch that is loaded. In addition, adjustments to temperature and chemistry can easily be accomplished with each compartment being separate to create bath integrity per batch. The superior lift and dropping of the items during the cycle by the wall to wall ribs avoids tangling and ensure the wash liquors go deeply into the fibers.

The PowerSpin centrifugal extractor is a perfect mix of power (up to 800 G of extraction power) and robust strength. This combination enables fast and effective water extraction and saves energy in the drying process. Multiple programmable speed changes during the cycle allow the mats to distribute in the drum on a continuous self-optimizing process to keep an even balance in the machine. This safe redistribution of the mats in the PowerSpin ensures all water pockets are eliminated and extends the life of the rubber material backing from high extraction damage. As this entire process is completed with a frequency inverter controlled direct drive, each batch of mats can be unloaded with reliability and safety in mind. The fast electronic braking sequence is also key to promote a shorter cycle time as there is no need for any mechanical brake unit. This overall combination of features in both machines is improving the working habits of operators to a more automated and effective approach for mat processing.

For more information, visit the company’s web site:  Kannegiesser ETECH