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Sea-lion America Announces Pilot Project

At this year’s Clean Show, Sea-lion America hosted a very special virtual ceremony in their booth announcing the build out of the company’s pilot laundry project in North America, Wash Cycle Laundry.

The laundry, located in the Boston, MA area, marks Sea-lion’s first complete plant in North America including a tunnel washing system. The tunnel washer, trade named “Laundry Dragon”, is custom finished in Wash Cycle’s corporate color scheme and includes a dragon wrap graphic displayed on the loading conveyor. Wash Cycle’s new plant is expected to be operational later this fall and is designed to process 32,000-pounds per eight-hour shift.

The laundry will be a showcase for Sea-lion in North America featuring a wide variety of products manufactured by the company including a complete tunnel washing system, stand-alone washers and dryers, finishing line and folders. In total, 24 Sea-lion machines will be installed in the plant.

“Three years ago we launched  in an effort to foster Sea-lion’s goal of becoming a global enterprise in the industrial and commercial laundry space,” said Ed Kirejczyk, president Sea-lion America. “Facing many headwinds, I am pleased to be in the position today to announce that we have officially entered into the North American market. We have found a spirited entrepreneur to partner with us and I sincerely appreciate the efforts of all those involved to get us to this point,” he added.

The virtual ceremony at Clean included representatives from Jiangsu Sea-lion’s executive management team, including Chairman Hong Chen and Deputy General Manager Aaron Zhang.  Representing Sea-lion America was Ed Kirejczyk, and Caroline Wojcicki, Vice President. Wash Cycle Laundry representatives included founder and CEO, Gabriel Mandujano, John Lowrey, General Manager, John Moore, Board member, Immani Burg, Social Impact Manager, Francisco Deras, Plant Engineer, Alex Samaras, Controller and Coral Despradel, Customer Service Manager. The companies exchanged gifts including Sea-lion’s presentation to Wash Cycle of a Chinese “ruyi”.

Founded 11 years ago in Philadelphia, the environmental and socially conscious laundry operation expanded to Washington, D.C. area and delivered local goods via their iconic bicycles. In 2018, Wash Cycle began serving the Boston hotel and hospitality market. A hallmark of Wash Cycle Laundry is to provide homeless, previously incarcerated and other individuals needing a fresh start a second chance at employment.

For more information, visit the company’s web site:  Sea-lion America