Speed Check’s Commercial/Industrial Laundry Soil Sorting Systems

Speed Check’s Commercial/Industrial Laundry Soil Sorting Systems range from Manual Cart Sorting to Automated Sort-on-Belt systems. Sorting systems can include cart dumpers, break open tables, sorting and takeaway belt conveyors, operator platforms, sling carts and weighing bins for full automation. Whatever the level of automation needed, Speed Check has a customized solution to fit the application.

  • Speed Check Hydraulic Cart Dumpers are designed to work with a Meese 72-P, Dandux 51-2401 bulk soiled linen truck (or an equivalent).
  • Speed Check Slider Bed Belt Conveyors have been designed to meet industrial standards with solutions specifically for the laundry industry
  • Break Open Tables are incorporated as the entry to the soil sorting operation, or as the drop/work surface for the Speed Check Cart Dumpers
  • Speed Check Operator platform – standard full length anti-fatigue mats and safety hand rails
  • Speed Check Slings and carts are available in custom sizes, various colors, and designs. Custom sized sling carts are also available in slope front for washer unloading and square for soil sorting

For more information, visit the company’s web site:  Speed Check