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Meese Case Study. 102P Bulk-Trux Saves Fuel.

Textile services company Starr Textiles, Foley, Ala., has consolidated delivery routes, cut its fuel costs per pound and boosted profitability by investing in a fleet of bulk linen trucks with a slim profile that maximizes the use of space on trucks and trailers. The Meese 102P bulk-linen-trux measures just 24-inches wide to fit four across on standard trucks and trailers. “We can fit more tonnage per truck with these carts, says Starr vice president sales/service Stephen Florence. “It was a no-brainer, really.” Florence fits fifty-two of these 102P’s into his 53-foot trailers versus 46 older carts and fits 26 102P’s on his 26-foot box trucks versus 20 older carts. For a typical cart loaded with hospitality linens, this translates to an increase of about 1,500 pounds per day.

Florence calculates the 102P has cut fuel costs to $.051 per pound compared to $.063 per pound using the older carts. “Every time a truck goes out, it’s like we’ve raised our margins without having to raise prices,” says Florence. The 102P bulk-linen-trux features the company’s non-removable shelf system that enables one person to convert the laundry cart from clean linen delivery to soiled laundry return in seconds. The laundry cart is rotationally molded from 100% waterproof polyethylene to withstand hard handling and high-temperature cart washing and drying while maintaining its smooth looks and visual appeal.

“Anyone who wants to put more linens on their trucks needs to look at the 102P,” says Florence.

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