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TCATA’s Annual Conference Wrap

The 2015 TCATA Annual Management & Educational Conference, held recently in Napa Valley, California, was a success. With a good turnout of first time attendees, members enjoyed a strong business program, beautiful weather, a memorable dinner party at a local winery and networking opportunities.

Lead speaker and industry veteran Steve Kallenbach discussed key ways that companies can delight their customers and ways to “onboard” new customers and Dr. Chris Keuhl presented the good, bad and ugly of the national and global economy. Closing out the business program was Rory Vaden, who outlined how we all need to “take the stairs,” doing what is necessary to succeed in life and business.


President, Steve Mathews announced that Alex Atwater, president of A-1 Products in Birmingham, Alabama, will serve as chairman of the 2016 annual conference. Mr. Atwater has been active in TCATA for many years, including serving on the board of directors, on various conference committees and as president from 2006 – 2008. In 2005, he received the “Young Timer of the Year” award.

Additionally, the results of the election of officers, which were held during the 2015 Annual Conference were announced. Gerald Henke of Intex Distributing, Austin, Texas, was elected president-elect; Henry Padron of Industrial Equipment & Supplies, Miami, Florida, was elected treasurer-elect. Both will assume their two-year terms at the conclusion of the 2016 conference.

At the closing dinner at TCATA’s 2015 Annual Management and Educational Conference in Napa Valley, California, President Steve Mathews recognized three long-time members: Fabritec International, which is celebrating 75 years of membership in the Association; Horwath Laundry Equipment, which is celebrating 50 years of membership; and The Minnesota Chemical Company, which is celebrating its 100th year in business.