Tecni-Quip Carts Has Got It Locked Up

SEGUIN, TEXAS — Tecni-Quip manufactures security locking door carts for health care and other industries in a variety of sizes and fabrication materials. These models safe guard linen, supplies, and promise to save your company money from stolen or misplaced inventory.

Tecni-Quip carts are known for their outstanding durability and are built in the USA.  Extremely important for health care facilities  and laundries serving this industry – all Tecni-Quip carts are approved for the transport and storage of linen, meet Joint Commission Codes and all current fire regulations, according to the company.

Over 15 standard sizes of carts are offered by Tecni-Quip from mini carts 36” high to large 78+” tall carts. TQ’s smaller carts are a perfect choice in areas such as isolation, procedure units, or where a smaller inventory is required. Larger sizes offer 24-hour inventory or are perfect in areas that use a large quantity in normal business hours.

Tecni- Quip offers a variety of options:

Select from a choice of fabrication materials:  Aluminum, Stainless, and Fire- Retardant Fiberglass.

-Variety of door types: Panel, Bi-Fold, See Thru Inventory Control or Roll-up Tambour style.

-Interior Shelving Choices:  Standard Straight Type, Multiple Compartments, Collapsible, Garment Bars, Pull out Drawers, Custom and more

-Models are equipped with superior plate type casters in 6” or 8” and non-marking ball bearing wheels, making them extremely mobile and quiet when rolling.

-TQ offers motorized carts or detachable towing systems to provide additional ergonomic safety for your staff.

“If you can draw it, we can build it,” is a frequent phrase at Tecni-Quip carts. Your ideas for locking door carts or linen transport of any kind can be designed and produced in normal delivery time.  The Tecni-Quip expert staff can assist with your ideas and present a CAD drawing of your design.

To learn more about Tecni-Quip Carts please contact a member of the TQ Cart Team at: 800-826-1245, TQcarts @TQind.com

Or visit the company’s website:  Tecni-Quip Carts