Tecni-Quip Mule Automated Cart Mover

SEGUIN, TEXAS —  Tecni- Quip’s TQ Mule is a cost effective motorized power assist for individual carts. This unique and powerful unit will haul up to 1,000 lbs. without a hitch. The TQ Mule allows greater productivity for staff and prevents work-induced injuries from heavy carts.

The TQ Mule is quick and easy to use.  Once a transport cart is refreshed with clean linen or supplies the TQ MULE is ready to be powered on and go, no more waiting for the “cart tug” to be found or returned which delays delivery. The easy to use TQ Mule can be adjusted to a comfortable speed for everyone. Controls are simple to use and unit allows varying speeds set by management, choice of keyed or push button start mechanism and easily recharged at any 110 electrical outlet.

The TQ Mule is factory installed on any size or model of Tecni-Quip Cart or custom fabricated TQ cart.

Contact the company by email at TQcarts@TQind.com, or call them at 800-826-1245.

For more information visit the website:  TQ Industries