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The Environmental Benefits of Fairfield Laundry Machinery’s Coaxial Duct System

FAIRFIELD, NJ — There are many benefits to using Fairfield Laundry Machinery’s (FLM) Coaxial Duct System.  According to the company they include:

  • Elimination of negative air pressure conditions.
  • Reduced dryer energy usage by 5% to 10%.
  • Also, providing dryers with outside air, ensuring that they will not starve for air as commonly happens when plant’s doors and windows are closed during the winter months. This is important because the reduction of airflow will result in less efficient dryer performance.
  • Improved dryer operation will result in shorter cycle times.
  • Elimination of the costly waste of conditioned air.
  • Shorter cycle times will reduce electrical consumption.
  • No mechanical or electrical moving parts.
  • Roof curbs and counter-flashing are included.
  • Seamless interface to FLM’s Wet or Dry type lint collectors.
  • Welded heat transfer fins on the internal duct; not just a duct within a duct.
  • Stainless steel 304 or galvanized construction. FLM’s coaxial dryer ducts have been proven to increase the efficiency of any commercial dryer. Our internal duct acts as a sealed, heated element and the external duct allows ambient temperature air to be preheated before entering the burner assembly. This ensures maximum heat convection between dryer exhaust air and dryer intake air without any cross-contamination between the two airflows.