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Tingue E-Commerce Website

Tingue, a leading provider of laundry parts and supplies, launched shop.tingue.com, an E-Commerce website. This one-stop shop offers a comprehensive collection of replacement parts for all major industrial laundry machines including washers, dryers, ironers, feeders, and folders.

“For over 120 years, Tingue has been at the forefront of innovation in the laundry industry,” said CEO David Tingue. “With the launch of shop.tingue.com, we’re taking our commitment to our customers to the next level by providing immediate access to the critical parts they need to keep their equipment running.”

This innovative one-stop shop eliminates the time and costs associated with searching for parts, making it easier than ever to get the parts you need, when you need them.

“At Tingue, we’re committed to providing our customers with the solutions they need to help them achieve success, added Tingue President, Ty Acton. “For many years we’ve heard from our customers that they want a simple and efficient way to purchase replacement parts for their machinery. That’s why we created shop.tingue.com.”

Tingue is committed to providing the highest level of service and support to its customers. The launch of shop.tingue.com is just the latest in a series of solutions designed to help customers get the most out of their equipment.

For more information, contact: Ty Acton, President,  800 (222) 9954,  tacton@tingue.com

Or visit the Shop Tingue website:  SHOP TINGUE