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TingueFelt® Flatwork Ironer Felt Enables Laundries to Conserve Water Without Affecting Finishing Costs

SADDLE BROOK, N.J.– Now laundries can break the law of unintended consequences. To compensate for accelerated chemical degradation of flatwork ironer padding due to water conservation efforts in high-volume laundries, laundry product supplier Tingue, Brown & Co. has unveiled the TingueFelt® ChemGuard Gold premium flatwork ironer felt. Featuring a proprietary needle felt fabric fusing polyester, Aramid and advanced, heat-resistant fiber materials with an Aramid scrim cloth, the TingueFelt ChemGuard Gold ironer felt provides exceptional resistance to chemical attack for extra long service life in laundries where water conservation programs leave increasingly high levels of residual chemicals on the ironer chests. Costs to prematurely replace decaying ironer felts are virtually eliminated and the benefits of shortened wash times and water recovery programs may be more fully realized.

Ideal for installation on large roll flatwork ironers, the TingueFelt ChemGuard Gold is available in 130-, 150-, and 168-inch widths at a standard weight of 24 oz./square yard. TingueFelt ChemGuard Gold was developed by Tingue, Brown & Co. and is available exclusively from Tingue representatives.

For more information, visit the company’s web site:  TINGUE