U.N.X. Dispensing Systems


Professional service, proven cleaning formulations and state-of -the-art chemical dispensing systems have built a solid reputation for U.N.X.

The DELTATRON dispensing system can operate up to 5 washers with 8 different chemicals. It dispenses exact amounts and combinations to precisely process any type of goods. The OMEGATRON delivers up to 10 chemicals to 10 washers, and both units will hold any washer with a problem to ensure properly cleaned linen. Both the OMEGATRON and DELTATRON offer low level alarms, and visually verifiable functions with full volumetric measurement of every injection—no over usage of chemical.

The TUNNELTRON is the quickest, most reliable tunnel injection system on the market today and features proof of flow and delivery for every chemical and destination. It offers complete injection in less than 30 seconds. No tunnel hold.  The TUNNELTRON offers simultaneous injections, simple alarm messages and quick summaries.

All three systems can be networked together for consolidated, real-time reporting, using Excel.

U.N.X. strives to provide the customer with the most economical wash formulas and procedures possible—maintaining a high level of quality while minimizing product and utility costs.