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UMF Corporation Partners with Logan’s Linens

UMF Corporation has teamed with Logan’s Healthcare Linen Systems to deliver PerfectCLEAN microfiber products and training to almost 20 hospitals and surgical centers in the Midwest, according to a news release.

In addition to offering PerfectCLEAN color-coded products, UMF Corporation partners with Logan’s to deliver its Hygiene Specialist® Training program, which introduces environmental services (ES) staff to the company’s color-coded, ONEperROOM methodology for reducing the risk of cross-contamination throughout hospitals and surgical centers.

“Thanks to partners such as Logan’s, most savvy hospitals know that reusable microfiber products are the most effective for infection prevention and control,” says UMF Corporation CEO George Clarke. “The most sophisticated C-Suite healthcare executives understand that ES staff is critical to improving patient outcomes, elevating the facility’s reputation and boosting financial health. Coupling high performance microfiber textiles with ES staff training is the best way to help reduce the risk of hospital associated infections (HAIs). The fact that healthcare providers are starting to bonus staff who completed the training is a testament to this.”

Logan’s has provided outsourced healthcare linen and laundry services since 1925 throughout its region which includes Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Ohio and West Virginia.

“When I first started calling on hospitals in our area almost a decade ago, many were still using mops and rags for cleaning, and I saw an opportunity to educate them about the benefits of microfiber,” said Daisy Sims, sales manager, Logan’s Healthcare Linen Systems. “UMF Corporation’s PerfectCLEAN products were superior to any of the other microfiber products we researched. And, Clarke and UMF’s Baldwin Galan were in the process of developing the company’s Hygiene Specialist Training program, which was an ideal way to introduce the products to our customers.”

Through the Hygiene Specialist Training program, ES staff learns best practices for infection prevention, in-service education and effective hygiene management in patient rooms and all other areas. ES staff also earns much-deserved recognition through the program, which includes a recognition ceremony and an environmental hygiene specialist pin recognizing their achievement.