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UniMac® Redesigns Large UW Series Hardmount Washer-Extractors

RIPON, Wis. – UniMac®, a provider of on-premises laundry equipment, unveiled its redesigned UW 85-160-pound hardmount washer-extractors, engineered to be longest-lasting and durable.

“Our renowned UW45 and 65 hardmount washer-extractors design has now been extended to complete our UW series and meet the demand for larger capacities,” Bill Brooks, national sales manager for UniMac, said. “Our 85 and 160-pound machines are equipped with cutting-edge technologies that competitors simply cannot deliver, maximizing throughput and saving more on utility costs than ever before.”

The UniLinc Control System is available on all larger capacity models within the UW series, which helps laundry operators stay in control of their business with an easy-to-use performance and maintenance data system. The innovative control technology enables operators to monitor data and performance indicators, and pinpoint areas where there can be increased efficiency or decreased operating costs that are associated with labor, linen replacement, utilities and maintenance. With the UniLinc controls, operators are able to manage their entire laundry operation off-site from any Internet-connected computer. The wireless networking allows for remote monitoring of multiple machines and locations for optimal efficiency. Available on all UniLinc cycles, the industry-exclusive OPTispray™ Rinsing Technology features state-of-the-art spray rinse technology that allows operators to minimize water use with highly effective rinsing. This technology delivers superior rinsing through unique bath and spray rinse intelligence, and provides a 12 percent faster cycle rinse time and increased throughput. The spray rinsing power of OPTispray pulls wash chemicals and dirt through the load, providing more effective rinsing than bath rinses alone. The redesigned UW85-160-pound machines featuring the spray rinse technology provides operators with the following benefits:

  • Water savings – 30 percent water reduction when combined with ECO cycles.
  • Faster cycle times – Quicker cycles result in 13 percent improved productivity.
  • Non-wash water – Minimal sump cylinder design saves 45 percent of non-wash water with every bath.
  • Cost savings – Greater annual savings on water, sewer and heating costs than previous models.

Additionally, the redesigned UW series are built stronger and smarter and able to handle the toughest demands of the commercial environment. The heavy-duty construction features cylindrical front/spherical rear bearings that can handle 200 percent more force than ball bearings and a motor that has 67 percent more horsepower than cabinet washer-extractors of the same capacity, according to the company.

The strongest frames UniMac has ever built are robotically-welded for improved dimension consistency and made to handle vibration and unbalanced loads effortlessly. The new equipment features a narrower frame and smaller footprint than previous models, which means they can easily fit into tight spaces and narrow doors. The new machines can also be used on the same concrete pads as older models.

In addition to the decreased footprint, the redesigned UW series features an increased capacity of 5- to 10-pounds than older UW models, which increases productivity by washing more loads in less time. An improved door hinge and handle allows for smooth open-and-close operation. Finally, a larger door opening makes it easier to get loads in and out faster, improving productivity.

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