White Conveyors Contin-U-Veyor Transport Conveyor


Contin-U-Veyor is a durable tubular designed White Conveyors product that is used to transport medium-duty loads. A wide variety of White Conveyors standard components are available to ensure an efficient, durable, custom designed system.

Contin-U-Veyor is ideal for: steam tunnels, garment transport, manufacturing and general material handling.Competitively Priced with the Fastest Return on Investment

  • Contin-U-Veyor has been a leading choice for industrial laundry and dry cleaning applications for over 5 decades
  • The Contin-U-Veyor uses the highest quality conveyor chain on the market today.
  • High tensile stregnth allows for greater work loads and long distance applications.
  • Every Contin-U-Veyor is engineered for long life, safety, and ease of maintenance.
  • The Contin-U-Veyor bearings are pre-lubricated.
  • Can be designed for Pendant-Up or Pendant-Down.
  • Utilizes standard stock parts configured to fit your space and meet your needs.
  • Sprocket type drive located in 90° or 180° bends provided in fixed speed of your choice, manual variable speed, or optional remote variable speed.
  • Sprocket take-up either screw type or automatic air operated installed in a 180° bend or combined in drive assembly.
  • All stainless steel 13 gauge track. Standard and custom designs available.


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