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The Laundry Ledger is a tool for members of industrial, commercial and institutional laundries to receive the latest industry news and information. Updated daily, is a comprehensive web site that brings news, product information, expert advice, job opportunities and informative videos to your desk or smartphone.

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Editor and Publisher

Eda Galeno, editor and publisher, is no stranger to the laundry industry, she has extensive industry experience. Eda held the position of Editor-in-Chief of Laundry Today, a national trade publication covering the laundry industry, for over 18 years prior to starting the Laundry Ledger in 2015.

In addition to writing about the laundry industry, Eda’s writing/editorial career encompasses 38 years of an eclectic mix of assignments from newspapers, national magazines, newsletters and trade publications to interactive media, training and feature scripts. Eda holds a masters in Journalism from New York University.

When Eda is not writing about laundry she is ‘doing’ laundry for her two children – and thankful that the family’s three cats do their own.

The Laundry Ledger welcomes your story and topic suggestions. Feel free to contact Eda with comments and editorial suggestions, you can reach her by email at