Hospitality Equipment, Products & Textiles

Hospitality Equipment, Products & Textiles

When traveling or on vacation or business, hotel guests expect clean, crisp linens and fresh towels.

In our Hospitality Equipment, Products and Textiles feature, The Laundry Ledger takes a look at our sponsor’s products and machinery that help the hospitality industry make their guests feel at home – when they’re away from home.



B&C Technologies Hospitality Equipment 

B&C Technologies Towel Folders

Braun – Meets Hospitality Laundry Needs

CLM Vacuum Feeders Increase Efficiency and Productivity

CLM – Infection Control via Next Generation Dryers

EDRO DynaWash Three Pocket End Loader Washer Extractors

EDRO’s Low Profile DW400

EDRO’s CSL225 Open Pocket Tilting Soft Mount

EDRO’s NX140 Open Pocket Rigid Mount

Ellis Side Loading Washer Extractor

Ellis 360 Tunnel Washer

JENSEN’S Viking Sheet Separator

Kannegiesser ETECH EMT/EMQ Synchro:  Ergonomic Feeding Stations

Leonard Automatics Large Piece Folders / Stacking Machines

Leonard Automatics Stack-N-Store

Milnor’s PulseFlow Technology

White’s U-Pick-It Garment Storage and Retrieval

White’s GBX Automated Uniform/Locker Bag Storage Retrieval System



Ellis’ Uptime Intelligent Machine Management System



CLM Shuttle Conveyors Work With Any Washer System

Ellis Shuttles, Shuttle Hoppers and Flatbelt Conveyors

Speed Check Monorail Transport System

White Conveyors Monorail System



Meese’s Linen Locker Offers Security and Safety

Meese’s Sleek Ergonomic Linen Carts With Molded-In Recessed Safety Handles

Meese’s Poly-Trux 72S Bulk Laundry Cart

Royal Basket Permanent Liner Basket Trucks

Royal Basket’s Bulk Poly Trucks

Royal Basket Elevated Basket Trucks

Royal Basket Turnabout Trucks



Tingue’s Polyflex Gold

Royal Basket Hampers



Leonard Automatics Cart Washer



EDRO DynOzone – DynaWash Ozone System