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B&C PF1 and PF3 Towel Folders

The B&C Technologies Towel Folders PF-1 and PF-3 are made in America at the company’s plant in Panama City Beach, Florida.

The B&C Technologies PF folder is made with the operator in mind, providing the most efficient working height for any operation. It has an adjustable inlet conveyor, which takes in the towels and other garments. They are then folded and stacked in preset numbers and pushed to the side in preparation of the next stack. In an automatic laundry operation, a conveyor can be adapted to the side where the stacks are returned, moving these stacks to any place in the laundry.

The B&C towel folder is very flexible, capable of many folding combinations. In addition to larger towels, the folder can also fold other garments and textile goods such as blankets, bed pads, hand towels, hospital gowns, blankets, and even fitted sheets. The machine is fully programmable with an extreme accuracy for any fold that is required.

The PF-1 will only be able to handle one item and fold at a time, while the PF-3 is able to fold, sort, and stack three different items simultaneously.

B&C has over 50 towel folders operating in industrial laundries, hospitals, and in larger hotels that are highly versatile and can fold many different articles, from larger pool towels to small samples for cross-stitching, as well as many of the different garments used in hospitals.

B&C towel folders offer a great return on investment, save space, increase productivity and their ergonomic design make them easy to operate.

For more information, visit the company’s web site: B & C Technologies