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Feeders, Folders, Ironers, Finishing, Stacking & Packaging

Feeders, Folders, Ironers, Finishing, Stacking & Packaging

The finished product at any laundry facility casts a lasting impression on a customer.  Not only do laundry managers want to meet – and exceed – customer demands of having finished goods returned to them with a professional finish, the speed in which goods move through a laundry’s finishing process is also a concern.

In our Feeders, Folders, Ironers, Finishing & Packaging feature, The Laundry Ledger takes a look at our sponsor’s equipment that is available on the market today to meet the needs of today’s demanding laundry – and today’s demanding customer.



Braun’s Precision Series Spreader / Feeder

CLM Vacuum Feeders Increase Efficiency and Productivity

JENSEN Express Feeder

JENSEN Logic Plus Spreader / Feeder

JENSEN KliQ Spreader / Feeder

Leonard Automatics LVF Series Feeder



B&C Technologies PS Folders

B&C Technologies PF Towel Folders

Braun’s Precision Small Piece Folder

CLMs High Production Small Piece Folders

JENSEN  Classic Folder/Crossfolder

JENSEN Classic SW Folder/Crossfolder

Leonard Automatics Large Piece Folder / Stacking Machines



JENSEN Express / Blanket Feeding and Folding System

Leonard Automatics Blanket Folders



B&C Technologies Ironer Line

Braun’s Precision Series Flatwork Ironer

JENSEN Flatwork Ironer

Miele Flatwork Ironers

Tingue Feed Board Guide Stop Belts from Overlapping

Tingue Flatwork Ironer Safety Upgrade Kit



Braun Finishing Equipment

B & C Technologies

Lavatec’s Finishing Equipment

Lavatec Lavarail

Leonard Automatics Tunnel Finishers

Speed Check Conveyor Garment Storage Systems



Leonard Automatics Customized Finishing Tables

Speed Check Cart Lift Fold Table

Speed Check Roll Bottom Fold / Feed Table



JENSEN Drape & Store

JENSEN Bottom-Up Stacker

Leonard Automatics Stack-N-Store

Leonard Automatics Hybrid Series

Leonard Automatics LFC Series

Leonard Automatics LS Series



CLM’s Mat Roller Uses the Latest Technology

Leonard Automatics Garment Transporter

Leonard Automatics Personal Protective Barriers

Speed Check Slider Bed Belt Conveyor

Tingue Flatwork Felt-Conserve Water Without Affecting Finishing

Tingue Clean ‘N Wax Cloth 

Tingue Named Exclusive Rep for Mato Lacing