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B&C Finishing

The B&C lines of ironers, feeders, and folders make the perfect addition to any laundry operation. The ironer line provides an outstanding performance at an affordable price, along with a strict attention to efficiency and operator safety. The machines are built with long-lasting materials that increase strength and durability, while the energy efficient inverter drive and a user friendly interface allow for an incredibly flexible control system. The B&C Ironer line: Powerful, Dependable, and Affordable.

B&C Technologies is there for any laundry need – beginning to end. Step by step, B&C equipment leads operators from high efficiency washers to dependable feeders and folders. Using only the highest quality components, their finishing equipment is designed to produce outstanding results and long life. B&C knows that there are varying demands in laundries.  That is why their feeders and folders offer versatility, along with stress-free operation. The speed of their line of folders allows an increase in productivity while maintaining high quality output. Folding equipment from B&C Technologies gives your goods a perfect finishing touch.

For more information visit the company’s website:  B&C Technologies