Safety, Ergonomics, & Laundry Design

Safety, Ergonomics, & Laundry Design

Safety, ergonomics and the thoughtful design of a laundry all contribute to the well-being of those who work there. To that end, many equipment manufacturers have incorporated safety and ergonomic features in their machinery or products. Laundry designs also help make the working environment more conducive to healthier and more productive employees.
In our Safety, Ergonomics, and Laundry Design feature, The Laundry Ledger takes a look at our sponsor’s equipment that is available on the market today to meet the needs of today’s laundry.



Braun’s SafeLoad Ride-On Shuttle System

Clean Cycle Systems Lint Filters – Tips On Preventing Lint Fires in Your Laundry

CLM’s Mat Roller Uses the Latest Technology

Meese’s Ergonomic Linen Carts with Molded-In Recessed Safety Handles

Meese’s Linen Locker Offers Security and Safety

Tingue’s Lockout-Tagout Kit For Safety During Shut Down

Tingue’s Flatwork Ironer Safety Upgrade Kit

TQ Industries – Learn About Cart Fires – And How to Avoid Them

TECNI-QUIP Carts Has Got It Locked Up




Clean Cycle System Lint and Dust Control for Laundries

JENSEN’s Viking Sheet Separator

Kannegiesser ETECH’s EMT/EMQ Synchro

Meese’s 72 ERGO Redefines Ergonomics in the Laundry Workspace

Meese’s Ergonomic 25P24 Makes Handling Laundry Easier Than Ever

Royal Basket’s Poly Elevated Truck

Royal Basket’s Spring Lifts



Leonard Automatics Garment Conveyor

Speed Check’s Monorail Transport System

Speed Check’s Wash Aisle Transport

Speed Check Clean Side Systems

White Conveyors Automated Comp-U-Sort System

White Conveyors Contin-U-Veyor

White Conveyors Monorail Transport System



Meese’s Ergonomic Utility Truck Line – 39 Series

Meese’s Versatile and Rugged 90P Transports Clean or Soiled Linens Easily

Meese’s 72P Maximizes Space

Royal Basket Trucks Cart Handles

TQ Industries Custom Emergency Response Carts


Cart Washers

Leonard Automatics Cart Washer



EDRO’s Laundry Planning Guide

JENSEN-GROUP’s Laundry Design

Ellis Turnkey Solutions

Ellis Custom Tanks

Pellerin Milnor’s Laundry Planning Files



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