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Braun’s SafeLoad® Ride-On Shuttle System

One of the greatest safety concerns in the laundry wash room is exposure to a machine’s hazardous motion, and the manual loading of slings in the wash aisle.

Braun is a leader in the research and development of safety systems and has designed the SafeLoad® Ride-On Shuttle System with a scanner option to support the operation of conventional wash alleys. The shuttle’s ride-on functionality provides operators a safe means for loading washers when equipped with the chute option (on either the shuttle or the individual washers). It also allows the operator to unload open pocket washers and load dryers from the user interface terminal located within the cockpit of the shuttle – virtually eliminating all hazardous motion and significantly enhancing washroom safety! The SafeLoad® shuttle is also available in a non-ride on configuration.

This is just another of the safety solutions that have been developed by Braun. In the last five years Braun has been awarded two safety system related patents, and has three additional patents pending award.

To learn more and to see the shuttle in action, please visit www.gabraun.com/safeload-ride-on-shuttle.