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Healthcare Equipment, Textiles & Infectious Control Products

Healthcare Equipment, Textiles & Infectious Control Products

The needs of a laundry in the healthcare industry are vast and can be more demanding than those of a commercial laundry.  In many cases, the actual laundry and stains to be removed are specific to the healthcare environment. Linens are not only expected to be clean, disinfection is of utmost importance in healthcare settings to stop the spread of infections.

In our Healthcare Equipment, Textiles and Infectious Control Products feature, The Laundry Ledger takes a look at our sponsor’s equipment that is available on the market today to meet the needs of today’s healthcare laundry and healthcare professionals.



UMF’s C-Pull For Healthcare Privacy Curtains

Klorese, Safe Sustainable Disinfectant-EPA Registered Against Biofilm



EDRO’s DynaWash Ozone System 

UMF|PerfectCLEAN Touchless Disinfectant Dispenser QUICKtab



B&C Technologies Healthcare Equipment

Braun Top Side Loader for Clean Rooms

Braun Medicare Top Side Loader Washer/Extractors

EDRO DynaWash® Barrier Type PassThru for Clean Rooms Washer-Extractors

EDRO’s CSL60 Soft Pocket Soft Mount Washer Extractor

EDRO’s NX60 Rigid Mount Washer-Extractor

EDRO’s NX140 Rigid Mount Washer-Extractor

Lavatec LX Series Large Washer-Extractors

Miele Little Giant Washer-Extractor

Milnor’s Divided Cylinder Staph Guard Washer-Extractors

Sea-lion America Medical Barrier Washer-Extractors



Braun Batch Tunnel Washing Systems For Healthcare

Lavatec LT-Series Continuous Tunnel Washers

Milnor’s PulseFlow Tunnel Washers

Sea-lion SDX Tunnel Washer System



Braun (PT) Pass Thru Dryers

Braun 125-200 lb Capacity Dryer

CLM Dryers Ideal for Hospitals and Healthcare

CLM – Infection Control via Next Generation Dryers

CLM Improved Heat Cycle Termination

Lavatec TT Series Dryer

Miele Little Giants 18 lbs. Tumble Dryer

Milnor’s Automated Pass Through System Dryer

Sea-lion SDH Automated Dryers

Sea-lion Pass Through Dryers



Lavatec’s Finishing Equipment



B&C PF1 & PF3 Towel Folders

Braun Precision Series Blanket and Knitted Sheet Folder

Braun’s Precision Series Small Piece Folders

Braun TopLine Air Folder

Sea-lion Intelligent Folders



B&C Technologies Ironer Line

Braun’s Precision Series Flatwork Ironer

Sea-lion YZC Chest Ironers

Sea-lion YZ Flatwork Ironers

Sea-lion YZS Serpentine Ironers

Sea-lion CYZ Serpentine Chest Ironers



Braun Remanufactured Equipment Program

CLM Certified Remanufactured Dryers

Tingue Remanufactured Ironers



CLM Shuttle Conveyors Work With Any System

Lavatec Lavarail

Sea-lion Overhead Monorails

TingueSling Bags



Maxi-Movers Shelf Trucks — For Easy and Safe Linen Transport

Meese’s 70P Biohazard and 72P Biohazard Carts

Meese’s Versatile and Rugged 90P Transports Clean or Soiled Linens Easily

Meese Silva-Trux

Royal Basket Turnabout Trucks

Royal Basket Bulk Poly Trucks 

Royal Basket Poly Trucks

Royal Basket Bulk Wire Trucks

Maximize Storage Space with Royal Basket Trucks® Collapsible Basket Truck




Royal Basket Trucks Cart Handles

Tingue’s Ironers Roll Cover for Aggressive Grip, Easy Feeding

Tingue Precision Metal Parts