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Meese Cart Accessories

Sometimes, you just need to replace a part or add something to your existing carts.

Meese can help with options to purchase any of the following items:

*Metal and Poly Bases for the 72P, 72S, 72ERGO, 70P, 90P, 92P
*Rotomolded Plastic Lid and Doors for the 72P and 72ERGO
*ABS Plastic Lid and Doors for the 70P
*Rigid or Swivel casters, ranging in size from 3” to 8”
*Bio-Hazard Placards for easier identification of carts holding dangerous contents
*Metal or Poly shelves (for the 90P or 92P)
*Tow Bar for use with Keylock Tow Hitch
*Hanging Spring Platform for the 72P
*Removeable Hanger Bars
*We also have SIlva-Trux and X-Ray products available

To find your sales person or to get more information, go to https://www.meese-inc.com/connect/

Or, visit the company’s web site: Meese Accessories