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Large Washers / Tunnel Washers

Large Washers / Tunnel Washers

With consolidations, co-op laundries and heavier workloads, processing goods has become easier and more cost effective with machinery that handles the increased poundage.

In our Large Washers & Tunnels special feature, The Laundry Ledger takes a look at our sponsor’s equipment that is available on the market today to meet the needs of laundries that cater to processing large amounts of laundry in a cost effective manner.



B&C Technologies Large Capacity Washers

Braun Open Pocket Washer-Extractors

Braun’s 900 lb Side Loader

EDRO DynaWash Side Loader Washer -Extractor

EDRO DynaWash® CSL450 Washer-Extractor

EDRO’s Low Profile DW400

EDRO’s CSL225 Open Pocket Tilting Soft Mount

Ellis Side Loading Washer-Extractor

Ellis Open Pocket Washer-Extractor

Lavatec LX Series Large Washer-Extractor

Milnor’s Large Open-Pocket M-Series Washer-Extractors

Sea-lion XGQ-CF Washer Extractors in 225 & 450-lb Capacities

Sea-lion XGQ-F Large Washers in 225-,  285-, 350 lb Capacities 



AquaRecycle Mr. Cool – Water Reuse and AZone Disinfection

Braun 450 Open Pocket Water Reclamation System



Braun Batch Tunnel Washing Systems

Ellis 360 Tunnel Washer

Lavatec Tunnel Technology

Milnor’s PulseFlow Technology 

Sea-lion SDX Tunnel Washer System



Ellis Uptime Intelligent Machine Management System

Softrol Controls & Automation

WASHNET® Decision Support Laundry Management Software System From Braun

Sea-lion SCADA – Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition



Braun OEM Parts Keep Your Laundry Running Clean

Tingue Drain Valves for Continuous Batch Washers

Tingue Supplies Replacement Parts for Milnor Large Washers & Tunnel Washers



Please contact eda@laundryledger.com with product information.