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Sea-lion XGQ-CF Washer Extractors in 225 & 450-lb Capacities

Sea-lion XGQ-CF washer-extractors are available in 225 & 450-pound capacities.

Industrial washer-extractors from Sea-lion are rugged, reliable workhorses engineered to last.  They have a low total cost of ownership and
produce superior wash results. The no nonsense, smart automation design saves time in the loading and unloading processes.
Machine’s open structure design incorporates an innovative suspension system located higher on the frame to better reduce vibration.

Small and compact footprint that incorporates a slight 2 degree backwards washing angle. This tilt back along with integrated lifting ribs
optimize mechanical wash action.

Inverter with single motor drive is energy efficient, has fewer parts, and provides smooth power at all speeds. Robust hydraulic tilting mechanism provides for a large degree tilting angle coupled with large diameter door opening facilitates loading and unloading of goods.
Multi-language color touchscreen control features full programmability of all machine functions including interfacing up to 13 signals to
external chemical systems, and displays relevant machine operating data, including a full array of maintenance and productivity reports.

100kg models available with exclusive Water Droplet drum design. The art of Convex/Concave for the perfect Clean.

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Or visit the company’s web site:  SEA-LION