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Going Green

Going Green

Laundry Ledger, Going GreenAs we move towards a ‘greener environment,’ an increasing number of companies are concerned about their carbon footprint.

Additionally, there are a growing number of customers who require environmentally conscious laundry methods.

To meet the demands of both company and customer, an increasing number of products that serve the laundry industry are being produced with conservation in mind.

In our Going Green feature, the Laundry Ledger looks at our sponsor’s products that are moving our industry ‘into the green’ and helping us succeed in efforts to conserve natural resources.

After all, we hold the future in our hands for the coming generations.



Braun Precision Series Ironers

Braun 450 Open Pocket Water Reclamation System

CLM Dryer-Compact, Removable Ceramic Coated Basket Panels and Low NOx

CLM’s Improved Heat Cycle Termination 

EDRO’s Water Reuse Systems

LAVATEC Dryer System Emphasizes Efficiency

LAVATEC Extraction Press Delivers Significant Energy Savings

Miele Little Giants Tumble Dryer Air Recycling System

Miele Little Giants Washer/Extractor Reduces Energy Consumption

Milnor’s MWF-Series

Milnor’s RinSave Water Saver Feature

Sea-lion Wastewater Treatment

Tingue’s Tingue Felt Conserves Water Without Affecting Finishing Costs



Ellis Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF)

Ellis EcoSieve Screening Technology

Ellis Nautilus Ceramic Filtration System



Braun Remanufactured Equipment Program

CLM Certified Remanufactured Dryers



Encompass Textiles



AquaRecycle Mr. Cool –Water Reuse and AZone Disinfection

EDRO’s DynaWash DynOzone Ozone



AquaRecycle – Mr. H.E.A.T. | Heat Exchange Air Transfer

AquaRecycle – AquaTrakx | Water Monitoring System

AquaRecycle – CAGE | Water/Energy Savings & Filtration

AquaRecycle – PURE | Water Recycle



Meese.  Committed to Quality and the Environment.

Royal Basket Permanent Liner Basket Trucks

Royal Basket Poly Trucks

Ellis Custom Tanks