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EDRO’s Water Reuse Systems In Laundry Installations

There are many benefits to using a water reuse system  They include, reduced fresh water usage, reduced detergents and toxins discharge/release associated with laundry wastewater,  reduced wastewater discharge, reduced energy consumption and reduced greenhouse gas emissions associated with laundry water heating

The basic concept of a water reuse system (WRS) is to process the “grey” water from the washer-extractor through a filtration system and recycle back into the wash process instead of routing waste water out of the facility and on to the public sewage treatment facility.

DynaWash® washer-extractors can be equipped with an extra drain and extra water inlet to form the washer-extractor’s portion of a water reuse system; a system that provides a way to store separate batches of reusable rinse drain water for use in a later wash step.

The cold-water source feeds directly into the washers. The hot-water source is heated in the hot-water tank and then fed into the machines. Water is used only once and discharged into the sewer.

A laundry that utilizes water reuse system selectively mechanically filters its waste water and pumps it back into the washer-extractor.

A complete WRS includes storage tank, a pump assembly and drain valves for saving water from a previous programmed rinse step. In some instances where the temperature of the reclaimed water is maintained, the storage tank should be equipped with a tank heater.

When gravity filling or draining is not available, pumps are required in the re-circulating piping. Pump contactors can be interfaced with the extra drain and/or extra water inlet.

Taking control of the WRS is the washer-extractors’ controller – the DynaTrol touch screen control. Through a series of monitoring, sensing and signaling devices, this fully programmable unit controls the water levels, switches on hot and cold-water fill valves, and opens and closes the sewer drain valves to maintain uninterrupted wash production.

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