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LAVATEC understands one of the keys for the smooth and successful operation of a laundry facility is an economical and efficient handling system. They accomplish it two ways: the LAVARAIL material handling monorail system and the RIDE-ON SHUTTLE.

A custom designed LAVARAIL system is a great choice for the transport of soiled and clean work. Compatible with all equipment brands and built to last 20 years or more, the space-saving system is comprised of stainless steel, full enclosed rail trolleys that are protected from lint build-up. Compared to aluminum rails, stainless steel offers greater durability.

You have the option to choose carts, trolleys and sorting bins – they are available in a variety of designs, weight and volume capacities. And the user-friendly software operating system provides sequential control, data logging, visualization and more.

The LAVATEC RIDE-ON SHUTTLE allows for a more hands-on approach for an efficient wash alley. It gives you the ability to control your washers, dryers and rail systems from the safety of a mobile cockpit. Simple to run and easy to maintain, it allows for faster operator response and greater flexibility during production. Built-in sensors make it safe for the operator in case they need to leave the cockpit during operation.

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Above photo:  Lavarail system and RIDE-ON SHUTTLE