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Prudential Overall Supply Releases Customer Satisfaction Score

Prudential Overall Supply, a leader in reusable image work apparel and related textiles, announced its 2019 customer satisfaction index (CSI) score in a news release. The score is measured through the Company’s Customer Visitation (CV) process. The CV occurs with a face to face meeting with each reviewed customer. The CV rates each customer service touch-point.

Prudential’s Chairman of the Board, Dan Clark said, “The CV process is our way to better connect to our customers’ requirements, and to verify that we are delivering the customer service experience that we have promised. I personally spend nearly a third of the year conducting CV’s with our management team. It is the most enjoyable part of my year, and it is the time I learn the most about our business”

Conducting 10,089 face to face Customer Visitations, Prudential achieved a CSI rating of 4.49 on a 5-point scale increasing from a 4.43 the previous year.