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Linen Transportation, Laundry Computer Software, ID Systems

Linen Transportation, Laundry Computer Software, ID Systems

The swift movement of goods throughout a laundry not only speeds up the process, but it saves money by cutting back on processing time and resources.  How goods are moved impacts ergonomic comfort for employees.  ID Systems are also important to ensure that goods are returned to their proper owners.

In our Linen Transportation, ID Systems and Laundry Computer Software feature, The Laundry Ledger takes a look at our sponsor’s products and machinery that help move and track goods through the laundry facility – and software available to aid in the laundry process.


Linen Transportation

Braun’s SafeLoad Ride-On Shuttle System

CLM Shuttle Transporation 

Ellis Shuttles, Shuttle Hoppers and Flatbed Conveyors

Lavatec Laundry Technology

Lavatec Lavarail

Sea-lion Automation

Sea-lion  Overhead Monorails

Softrol Rail 


Laundry Computer Software

WASHNET® Decision Support Laundry Management Software System From Braun

Ellis Uptime Intelligent Machine Management System

Sea-lion SCADA – Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

Softrol LOIS Remote Reporting

Softrol Plant Management Systems

Softrol Productivity Systems

Softrol UtiliPulse & Shipping / Routing Systems

Softrol Controls & Automation

Softrol Lois PM


Replacement Parts /Accessories

Tingue Offers JENSEN Futurail Trolleys

TingueSling Bags

Tingue Precision Metal Parts


Garment Sorting and Distribution

Softrol Garment Sortation Systems


Laundry Carts

Maxi-Mover M8592 Shelf Truck: Easy-to-Use Convertible Poly Shelves

Maxi-Mover M7093 Bulk Truck: Easy to Access Contents, Less Bending and Reaching

M7090 Bulk Truck: Always a Safe Choice

Meese Bulk-Trux Meet Every Need

When Safety Matters, Meese Shelf-Trux is Here.

The 72N by Meese. Easy, Ergonomic and Secure?  Yes.

Meese 72P Maximizes Space

The 72S Bulk-Trux by Meese

39 Series Utility-Trux by Meese. Rugged. Stackable. Ergonomic.

Meese Versatile and Rugged 90P Transports Clean or Soiled Linens Easily

Meese Silva-Trux Protects Carts

Royal Basket Turnabout Trucks

Royal Basket’s Bulk Wire Trucks

Royal Basket’s Bulk Poly Trucks

Maximize Storage Space with Royal Basket Trucks® Collapsible Basket Truck


Cart Accessories

Meese Sleek Ergonomic Bulk Linen Carts With Molded-In Recessed Safety Handles

Meese Cart Accessories

Royal Basket Trucks Cart Handles



Cart Dumper

Tingue’s Automated Laundry Cart Dumper



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