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Softrol Garment Sortation Systems

Softrol Garment Sortation Systems provide labor-savings to plants processing 1500-garments/day to 50,000 garments/day. Three garment systems are available.

Directed Sort System is an add-on software package with hand scanners that upgrades your existing rail. Bar code or RFID are utilized with visual or audio instruction. Directed sort provides greater accuracy, complete tracking data, real-time reporting, operator standards and can be incorporated into a hybrid or auto-sort upgrade in the future.

Hybrid Sort System combines directed sort with AutoSort for semi-automation. This is ideal for plants with 6000 to 12,000 garments daily. Hybrid Sort utilizes the existing sorting conveyors and fits into the existing floor space. It provides a faster throughput, reduced labor costs, sorting conveyors that double as both primary and final sort, and storage rails (powered or slick).

AutoSort System is our fully automated offering suited for high-volume production. This system automates conveying, buffering, sorting and load-out to route storage. A single operator monitors primary sort for all tasks. RFID is automatically scanned at high speed. Garments are then conveyed and distributed to storage for staging prior to the final sort. Garments are then automatically delivered to the induction station for final sort. AutoSort then delivers completed wearers bundles to a station for transfer to post sort storage. Accurate bar code reading rates over 97% and RFID rates close to 100% provide production rates from 6000-12,000 garments per hour with 1 or 2 operators, depending upon throughput.

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