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  • Randle Joins Softrol Team

    Randle Joins Softrol Team

    Jarrod Randle joins the Softrol Sales Team in the position of Manager of Service and Support. He is filling a position at Softrol Systems that adds a new level of customer support. “With continued efforts to improve our customer experience, Softrol Systems has hired Jarrod Randle, a professional in after sales service,” says Dave Smith,

  • Milnor Service Seminars

    Milnor Service Seminars

    Registration is now open for Milnor’s Spring Service Seminars which will be held at the Milnor campus in Kenner, LA. March 6 – 10, 2023 CBW®/PBW™ Tunnel Washer Service Seminar This course will give an in-depth look at the Mentor CBW® controller, Miltrac, Drynet, Dryer/Shuttle controller and Device Master. Mechanical, electrical and programming concepts will

  • ALM’s 2023 IMPACT Conference

    ALM’s 2023 IMPACT Conference

    Make a resolution to improve your skills and knowledge this year. Registration for the Association for Linen Management 2023 IMPACT Conference is now open. IMPACT will provide educational programming to improve your professional development, and help your operations thrive. The Conference will offer multiple educational sessions with timely topics, engaging presenters, and inspiring keynotes. Find

  • Linen King Acquired by Healthcare Linen Services Group

    Linen King Acquired by Healthcare Linen Services Group

    Healthcare Linen Services Group (HLSG) recently announced its acquisition of Linen King, according to a news release. HLSG, an independent provider of healthcare laundry services in the Midwest and Central US is expanding its reach through the acquisition of Linen King which was founded in 1999 and is said to serve 460 healthcare laundry customers

  • B&C Service School

    B&C Service School

    Keep your skills sharp and learn how to properly service and repair equipment from B&C Technologies! One of the best resources for things mechanical is a well trained technician. As much as we would all love things to work perfectly all the time, that’s not a realistic expectation so we have to be prepared. This

  • State Minimum Wages Rise Nationwide

    State Minimum Wages Rise Nationwide

    It’s a new year, and as things change it’s important to keep up with minimum wages for employees. As minimum wages nationwide are on the rise, this page at the Department of Labor will let you know what the amount is in your particular state. You can also chose an individual state from a map

  • Protection From Cold Stress

    Protection From Cold Stress

    As temperatures plunge, keeping workers safe from falling air temperatures is a priority for many businesses.  According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), exposure to extreme cold, near freezing temperatures, wet conditions, and wind chill are all considered risk factors for cold stress. Cold stress occurs when a person’s skin temperature decreases, and

  • Wright Joins Crothall Team

    Wright Joins Crothall Team

    Crothall Laundry & Linen Services announced that Mike Wright has joined the team as the Southeast Regional Sales Director. With an accomplished background in the industrial laundry space, Wright has a proven track record of consistently delivering results. He is excited to represent Crothall Laundry & Linen Services with the goal of improving patient experiences,

  • Gilmore Joins Diamond Chemical Co

    Gilmore Joins Diamond Chemical Co

    Diamond Chemical Company, Inc. a national manufacturer of laundry, warewash, floor care, housekeeping, disinfecting and sanitizing products, organic intermediates and industrial products, announced the addition of Steve Gilmore as Vice President – Sales and Marketing, LAUNDRY Division. Gilmore brings 52 years tenure in the Industrial Laundry/ Chemical industry. Serving 14 years in the laundry industry