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Prudential Overall Supply Celebrates 92nd Anniversary

Prudential Overall Supply, a leader in reusable image work apparel and related textiles, is celebrating its 92nd anniversary. Founded by John D Clark in 1932, Prudential has grown from a one-man operation to a national brand serving customers throughout North America.

Prudential’s third generation CEO, John Clark said, “Our team looks forward, but never forgets that Prudential was founded during the Great Depression. Through numerous economic recessions and challenging world events, Prudential has flourished over our 92-year history. Achieving what few companies have ever been able to achieve: national growth, dedicated employees, nearly 30,000 customers, and we continue to reinvent the company by expanding and diversifying our offering.”

“We thank every supplier for their dependability, every customer for the trust they instill in Prudential, and we are ever grateful to each employee for their hard work and effort, so that we can best serve our customers,” said Clark.