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Softrol Lois PM Tracker

In the textile industry, regular maintenance of equipment is critical for ensuring smooth production and maintaining product quality. However, scheduled preventive maintenance (PM) tasks and unforeseen downtime events can be arduous to track and manage. This is where Softrol Systems’ Lois PM Tracker comes into play. Lois PM Tracker is a software solution that effectively manages equipment, parts, purchasing, PM tasks, and maintenance employees in the textile industry. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits and features of Lois PM Tracker.

Local or Cloud-based Installations

Softrol Systems offer Lois PM Tracker as both a local and a cloud-based installation. This flexibility allows any company to choose a system that matches their unique requirements. A cloud-based installation delivers real-time monitoring and access to maintenance data, while a local installation offers complete control and enhanced cybersecurity.

Tracks Costs and Downtime

Lois PM Tracker incorporates features that track parts costs, labor costs, and equipment downtime. This is made possible with integrated inventory management that controls stock levels, records stock movements, and issues purchase orders. By recording equipment downtime, Lois PM Tracker identifies components that are underperforming, thus providing opportunities to address issues before they result in unplanned downtime.

Planning/Predicting Workload

Lois PM Tracker allows the planning of the workload based on actually planned run times. Machine availability data can be integrated to improve run-time plans and decrease machine downtime. Moreover, Lois PM Tracker predicts future PM requirements by equipment, allowing companies to plan preventive maintenance tasks in advance and improve equipment performance.

Maintenance Status

Lois PM Tracker has a dashboard that provides key maintenance information in a single view. It includes a quick summary of maintenance status, PM tasks, work orders, inventory status, and purchase requests. By clicking on widgets, management can drill down into maintenance details to understand the root cause of breakdowns and the time spent on PM tasks.

Desktop Benefits

Finally, management can easily see the status at the desk. A range of features is available, including a ticketing system for work orders, equipment maintenance schedules, and notifications. Lois PM Tracker also facilitates the preparation of reports on equipment performance, labor usage, and materials usage.


In conclusion, Softrol’s Lois PM Tracker software solution is an essential tool that revolutionizes maintenance management in any industry. It delivers detailed tracking and monitoring of equipment, parts, purchasing, PM tasks, and maintenance employees. By integrating this software solution into their operations, textile companies can benefit from increased uptime, reduced maintenance costs, and improved product quality. If you’re looking for a solution to streamline your maintenance management process, Lois PM Tracker is definitely worth considering.

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