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The 72N by Meese. Easy, ergonomic and secure? Yes.

Easier loading and unloading? More secure transport? Ergonomic design? Yes to all, with Meese’s  72N.

The lower, wider cutout opening in the cart helps make loading and unloading easier and safer for your team members. The “snap-on” cargo security net is added over the opening to hold the contents of the cart firmly in place during transport.

What else is great about Meese’s 72N?

  • It is rotationally molded.
  • It comes with a heavy-duty powder-coated steel base.
  • It has industrial strength casters for easy maneuvering.
  • It has hand holes for easy moving.
  • It comes in 8 colors.
  • It has a metal-free interior to avoid snags and tears.
  • You can opt for the rotomolded, hinged, lockable, security lid and door.
  • You can opt for a smooth poly base.
  • You can choose a nylon cart cover.

To learn more about this and other ergonomically-designed Meese products, go to https://www.meese-inc.com/product-category/ergo.

Or go to https://www.meese-inc.com/product/72n-bulk-trux/ for specific information about the 72N.