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Meese Flare-Trux. Handles Your Heaviest Laundry Loads.

More details about the 24P24 Flare-Trux:
    • Rolled top for easier handling and transportation
    • Nest 6 high and stack for efficient storage and transport
    • Made of stronger and lighter High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
    • Heavy-duty, powder-coated steel base
    • 5” hard rubber, non-marking casters
    • Metal free interior to avoid leaks, snags, tears and damage to the contents of the cart
    • Handles up to 500 pounds and 25 bushels
    • Comes in 8 colors


To learn more about the heavy-duty 24P24 Flare-Trux, go to https://www.meese-inc.com/product/24p24-flare-cart/


For more information, it the company’s website:  MEESE