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The 72S Bulk-Trux by Meese

When you need a more contemporary design with all the same benefits of Meese’s  72P.

The 72S is an upgraded version of the classic 72P. Meese kept the superior strength and durability of the 72P but added a sophisticated and contemporary design. Customers turn to the 72S when they need a more modern and sophisticated look to their cart, especially in public facing locations such as high-end hotels, resorts, health clubs, and restaurants. For brand-conscious 72S customers, their logo can even be molded-onto or molded-into the cart.

What else can we say about the 72S?

It’s ergonomically-designed with a deep-cut front opening for easy loading and unloading.

It’s strong and built to last with a heavy duty, powder-coated, steel base.

It has strategically-located ribs and rounded corners.

It has industrial strength casters. It’s easy to maneuver because it has high quality casters.

It offers optional lid and door to deter theft and secure goods during transport and storage.

It has a stylish, streamlined modern design.

It has a metal free interior to avoid snags and tears.

It comes in 8 colors.

To learn more about the super 72S go to @ https://www.meeseinc.com/product/72s-bulk-trux/

For more information, visit the company’s web site: MEESE