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Softrol Controls & Automation

Softrol is known throughout the industry for providing advanced industrial-grade controls. Our circuit boards and controls are manufactured in the U.S., and include a durable operator interface to extend equipment life and simplify machine operation. Machine diagnostics and preventative maintenance are just a few of the added features.

Softrol controls offer superior programming capability to allow precise and customizable formulas for the typical laundry application or for more advanced processes. Dryer controls provide the same level of strength and ability along with built-in programming for prove-dry performance. Advanced control functions are used for maximum drying efficiency and precise temperature control, including fuel modulation for reduced fuel usage.

Softrol controls can be retrofitted onto any industrial washer/extractor, tunnel washer, extraction press, shuttle or dryer. Automation with a shuttle or rail system is accomplished through our automation package to help increase productivity, flexibility and reduce labor.

Softrol controls can also be networked with our communications package for data collection and reporting, and integral part of our Total Plant Management System.

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