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Originally founded in 1931, Meese is the pioneer in the design and development of carts and trucks for the laundry industry. In the early years, Meese offered canvas carts and basket trucks. Later, they upgraded to only manufacture rotationally molded products due to the hygienic and durability benefits for their customers. In 1970, they launched the original 70P, followed by the classic 72P, forever changing the laundry industry. Since then, Meese has continued to innovate to address their customers’ ever-changing needs with the development of superior, ergonomically-designed, antimicrobial, rotomolded plastic carts and trucks with many unique features and in a wide variety of sizes and configurations. With an ongoing commitment to quality, innovation and personal service, Meese utilizes the most sophisticated rotational molding systems to offer the toughest and safest products in the business.

Meese makes shipping and easier more affordable.

Meese simplifies shipping with a network of strategically located facilities across the United States. This means Meese can quickly and affordably deliver carts and trucks to customers wherever they are. The new QuickShip program ships 4 of the most popular carts (72P, 72S, 39-12 and 50P16) in 2 to 3 business days. And with an experienced and dedicated sales force available across the country, Meese can easily service customers in every state across the country.

Meese is environmentally conscious.

Unlike single use plastic, all Meese carts can be recycled. Additionally, customers are offered a recycling program at various plants located across the country. This enables customers to responsibly return their material handling products at the end of their lifecycle.

Meese ergonomic products make loading and unloading easier and safer.

Meese’s complete line of ERGO products (72 ERGO, 28P16, 28P18, 25P24 and 25P30) have special features like spring-loaded platforms and ergonomic cutouts to make loading and unloading of linens, laundry bags and other goods easier and safer for team members. This helps team members have less back stress and injuries, minimizing the potential for injuries and workers comp claims.

Meese products are strong, lightweight and safe.

The in-house, award-winning design and product engineering team designs and manufactures superior products using rotationally molded plastic to replace heavier, weaker, and more expensive materials like metal, wood, fiberglass, and others.

Meese carts are made of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), which allows for stronger but lighter and safer products than many competitors. And Meese uses FDA approved resins and additives in all their plastic products to ensure additional safety.

Meese products have many important features.

With features like deep, ergonomic front cut-outs, spring-loaded platforms, cargo nets, and lockable doors and lids, Meese Bulk-Trux offer all sizes and configurations imaginable.

Practical, strong and durable, Meese Shelf-Trux offer choices of shelves like convertible, removable, non-removable wire or poly.

Heavy-duty, easy to maneuver, and strong enough to handle the heaviest loads in any condition, Tilt-Trux come in a variety of sizes with optional lids.

Meese’s dedication to safety is recognized by the Industry.

· Meese won the Safety Award from ARM (the Association of Rotational Molders) in 2018.

· Meese won the Safety Excellence Award by TRSA in 2019 and 2020 and 2022 for ergonomically-focused products aimed at eliminating a variety of common workplace injuries in laundries

Meese’s innovative products include:

72P (Quick Ship — (link to Biohazard-Trux

72S (Quick Ship) (link to

72 ERGO 72 ERGO Poly-Trux

72N (link to

92P Shelf-Trux (link to

101P Shelf-Trux (4 across on a truck)

For more information about Meese’s products, please visit or call (800) 829-4535