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Originally founded in 1931, Meese is a pioneer in the design and development of plastic products. They deliver superior, ergonomically-designed, antimicrobial, rotomolded plastic solutions for a wide range of industries such as laundry, recycling, material handling, and recreation, as well as for emerging industries such as e-scrap, agriculture, fishing, and manufacturing. With an ongoing commitment of quality, innovation and personal service, Meese utilizes a sophisticated rotational molding system to offer the toughest and safest carts and containers in the business in a wide variety of sizes and configurations to fit the specific needs of all their customers.

The process of developing and designing bulk laundry carts routinely earns awards for excellence in safety, design innovation and rotomolding skills. Beginning with the design and development of canvas carts and basket trucks for the laundry industry, Meese later upgraded the carts as rotationally molded plastic carts.

Starting with the launch of the original 70P, followed by the classic 72P, Meese has continued to innovate over the years with a non-stop flow of new product introductions. Meese’s line of ergonomic products (72ERGO, 28P16, 28P18, 25P24 and 25P30)
contributes to safety and efficiency in the workplace, making the loading and unloading of linens, laundry bags and other goods easier and safer for team members thereby reducing the number of workers comp claims.

Meese also offers FDA approved X-Ray metal-detectable containers for safer use in the food industry as well as the 70P and 72P Biohazard carts for safe use where biohazardous waste can be a threat. The Linen Locker, a durable, waterproof, lockable, outdoor-indoor storage container, was created to protect valuable linens from the elements and from theft.

Most recently, Meese launched Silva-Trux, the first proven antimicrobial Poly-Trux on the market. These antimicrobial carts offer an extra layer of protection that helps protect carts from deterioration caused by mold and mildew and guards against odors and stains from microbial growth. This technology is currently available on 70P, 72P, 90P, 92P and 1010P.

Some of Meese’s innovative products include:

Silva-Trux antimicrobial carts (70P, 72P, 90P, 92P, 1010P)
72 ERGO Poly-Trux
The Linen Locker
25P30 Spring Platform Utility-Trux
25P24 Spring Platform Utility-Trux
28P16 Ironer Feed-Trux
28P18 Ironer Feed-Trux
70P Biohazard-Trux
72P Biohazard-Trux

As custom plastics rotational molders, Meese executives co-founded ARM (the Association of Rotational Molders) and often earns awards for excellence in safety, design and manufacturing from their peers.

For more information about Meese’s products, please visit or call (800) 829-4535