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    MEESE: A PIONEER OF INNOVATION IN ROTOMOLDED DESIGN AND MANUFACTURING Originally founded in 1931, Meese is a pioneer in the design and development of plastic products. They deliver superior, ergonomically-designed, antimicrobial, rotomolded plastic solutions for a wide range of industries such as laundry, recycling, material handling, and recreation, as well as for emerging industries such as e-scrap,

  • Selecting the Right Laundry Cart (Part 2)

    Selecting the Right Laundry Cart (Part 2)

    In Part one of Selecting the Right Laundry Cart, we reviewed why you need different carts for different facilities, we compared bulk and shelf carts, reviewed material considerations and calculated pounds-per-trip. Today we’ll take a look at payload capacity, cart bases, ergonomic considerations, appearance, and we’ll review how to choose a cart manufacturer. Read part

  • Selecting the Right Laundry Cart   (Part 1)

    Selecting the Right Laundry Cart (Part 1)

    If you recently started shopping for new laundry carts or if you haven’t been in the market for a while then you may be surprised by the range of choices and by the latest advances now offered for linen transportation. There are so many styles and options that it can be hard to know where