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Carts and Accessories



    MEESE: A PIONEER OF INNOVATION IN ROTOMOLDED DESIGN AND MANUFACTURING Originally founded in 1931, Meese is a pioneer in the design and development of plastic products. They deliver superior, ergonomically-designed, antimicrobial, rotomolded plastic solutions for a wide range of industries such as laundry, recycling, material handling, and recreation, as well as for emerging industries such as e-scrap,

  • Royal Basket Trucks

    Royal Basket Trucks believes that carts should be made to fit into your environment to improve your workflow and efficiencies. For this reason, they build every cart to order and ship on a short timeline of seven business days. Organizing becomes easy when you have mobile storage solutions. Although a natural fit in the dry

  • Steele Canvas Basket Corp.

    Steele Canvas Basket Corp.

    Founded in 1921, on Hamilton St. in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Steele Canvas Basket cut its teeth manufacturing specialty canvas products for the New England coal and textile trades.  Steele’s craftsmanship quickly earned it the reputation of providing dependable and durable wares, and soon industries all over the country began ringing up the little shop on Hamilton Street.

  • Leebaw Manufacturing

    Leebaw Manufacturing

    Leebaw Manufacturing, headquartered in Canfield, Ohio, was established in 1947 and was founded on a base of customer service, satisfaction and safety. These original priorities continue to hold true today and are the main focus of each design that is manufactured within our plant and shipped throughout the United States and Canada. All industries have