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In 1972, Chemtainer Industries introduced Maxi-Movers, a long line of high-quality, plastic transportation solutions, starting with laundry carts, later evolving to material handling products.

Now over 50 years later, companies around the country still depend on the solid, built-to-last line of Maxi-Movers trucks and carts. They are used regularly in commercial laundry as well as the material handling, donated goods and recycling industries. Made of polyethylene lightweight plastic, they are built to last and can take on any material handling challenge.

Special features like ergonomic designs were added to help move items easily and safely. Shipping and storage is more efficient with nestable and stackable carts. The always-popular Bulk Trucks remain a mainstay in the industry, with the first to market M7090 still the most popular choice. Ergonomically- designed, they come in a variety of sizes with many options to choose from to help get the job done.

Maxi-Movers’ assortment of Shelf Trucks offer various options and configurations to help easily transport clean and soiled linens safely and efficiently.

In a class all by itself, the unique, versatile and light- weight Maxi Sorting Table offers a large surface at the perfect height for a convenient and spill-free way to sort and display goods.

The extensive line of built-to-last, easy-to-use Utility Trucks come in a variety of sizes and features to choose from. From the Maxi-Cube and Maxi-Utility Trucks to the Bushel Trucks and Flare Trucks, there is literally a solution available to move or store any item you can dream of.

The rugged multi-use and multi-function Tilt Trucks are designed to handle even the nastiest of materials. They come in different sizes and are the perfect choice to easily collect and dump anything. Tilt Trucks can handle even the nastiest of materials.

With the most FOB points across the country, Maxi-Movers will continue to be the dependable, affordable and proven solution customers turn to for all their laundry and material handling needs. 

For more information, visit the company’s web site:  Maxi-Movers

Call 800-275-2436 or email sales@maxi-movers.com.