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Softrol Productivity Systems

Softrol’s PulseNet Productivity System (PPS) provides real-time feedback and reports that are instantly available for immediate labor and equipment decisions or adjustments. The data is yours and stored onsite with no monthly analysis fee.

Key and integral to the PPS is the Softrol Touch-screen Smart Stations. Smart Stations are installed at every workstation. They track production rates compared to a standard and act as a personal clock-in / clock-out device. Operators are faced with a green screen (on-task) or a red screen (off-task) for a personal “push” to encourage superior productivity. While other brands may eliminate this component in order to reduce their overall price, we understand that these stations provide the necessary operator interface to promote employee productivity.

The second view of production is shown overhead on the PPS Message Centers. These large screens show several employee rates at one time and allow the supervisor to quickly identify possible issues.

Data from individual stations is also collected for measuring, monitoring and reporting to the office PC. Management reports are generated for current-day labor and equipment performance and performance trends, including graphical displays.

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