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Tingue Offers JENSEN Futurail Trolleys

Tingue offers Jensen Futurail Trolleys that work with the Futurail laundry handling system.

The trolley specifications have undergone significant upgrades to increase the load capacity of the system, resulting in lengthening the life of the rail system, improving system reliability and performance, and reducing maintenance costs. Replacement trolleys are compatible with existing Futurail systems.

Key features of the Futurail Trolley:

· The load capacity of the Jensen Futurail Trolley is increased with a pressed 6mm (1/4”) steel trolley body.

· The unique lower arm assembly allows the trolley body to remain perpendicular when the bags stop which reduces wear and tear on the rail and the trolley.

· The tires are manufactured out of plastic and are easily replaced in the event that the tires start to show wear.

· The plastic tires provide for a quiet operation and a prolonged rail life.

· Reduced maintenance costs with replaceable bearings.

Tingue manufactures and remanufactures precision metal parts for laundry equipment to OEM specifications or better with the skill and experience of more than 100 years of operation.

Tingue stocks thousands of replacement parts for almost any brand including hard-to-find parts for obsolete equipment. The laundry inventory includes parts and systems for flatwork ironers, washers, extractors, dryers, folders, feeders, sling systems, and more.

For more information, visit the company’s website: Tingue.com

Customer Service: (800) 222-9954