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ImageFIRST Acquires Southern Medical Linen Service

ImageFIRST, a provider of linen and laundry services for the healthcare industry, announced the acquisition of Southern Medical Linen Service in a news release.

Southern Medical Linen Service, founded in 2004 by Ken Brandeis and Stu Donowitz, specializes in servicing the healthcare market with the majority of their business in the outpatient and high-touch inpatient sectors. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Southern Medical Linen Service is headquartered in Tucker, GA. The business operates from a 50,000 square foot standalone plant, situated closely to the ImageFIRST Atlanta laundry plant.

“Southern Medical Linen Service has built a strong reputation and has been a formidable competitor within the Atlanta community for many years,” said Jim Cashman, president and CEO of ImageFIRST. “We are looking forward to working with Ken and Stu to further expand our customer base and continue to provide world-class service to medical facilities in Georgia. Both organizations specialize in the healthcare market, so it’s an ideal fit.”

“Our team is eager to partner with ImageFIRST,” said Ken Brandeis, co-founder of Southern Medical Linen Service. “While our business has grown over the past 16 years, we’re excited to build upon our foundation alongside ImageFIRST.”

The new partnership between ImageFIRST and Southern Medical Linen Service reinforces the reputations of both companies while continuing to maintain their shared commitment to providing high-quality linen and laundry services to the healthcare industry.

ImageFIRST continues to expand its national footprint and with its latest acquisition of Southern Medical Linen Service, will further expand their linen and laundry servicing capabilities throughout the Atlanta, GA area. After the completion of this transaction, ImageFIRST will service more than 18,000 medical facilities each week and will operate out of more than 60 locations nationwide.