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CLM Dryer Has Compact Size, Removable Ceramic Coated Basket Panels and Low NOx

POMONA Calif. — Consolidated Laundry Machinery’s (CLM) Model 165 dryer, with a 450lb capacity, fits into the Challenge Pacesetter footprint and offers a fully integrated production management system and other technology.  It is built with the same quality that CLM puts into all its dryers, including upgraded PLC controls, cross axis air flow, ceramic coated basket panels and an updated heat system with improved efficiencies and lower emissions.

The Model 165 is built to increase efficiency while reducing both NOx emissions and high and low frequency sound.  The dryer includes a two-stage variable speed basket drive and insulation for a high level reduction in sound and ambient heat.

Business applications where plastics may inadvertently be transferred to a dryer find the removable ceramic coated basket panels invaluable as they keep plastics from sticking to the basket.  When plastics adhere to the dryer basket, airflow is reduce, which means longer drying time and more energy use. The ceramic material holds up against abrasion much better than standard Teflon® coatings.  And removable panels make the process of cleaning easier.  Each of the panels can be removed from the dryer basket and cleaned front and back.

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